Yeti to Party

      Preliminary Pageant



This event is open to girls ages 0 - 17 years.  Registrations are being accepted through 1/1/21, or until the event is full.

To register:

1. Complete the registration form on this page.

2. Send payment to paypal Deposit is $75, please send as friends/family or add a one time $5 fee.

3. Email photogenic photo to

That's it!


Payment is due at time of registration. Photogenic photo does not need sent at time of registration, but please send by 1/1/21. Payment is only accepted via paypal (an invoice can be emailed if you do not have a paypal account - just ask). 


PLEASE remember to include your child's name, age, and event name in the PayPal notes. Please also send payments as friends/family to avoid PayPal fees. If you prefer to send as goods and services, please add 4% ($5) to cover Paypal fees.

We hope you will join us!

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