Judging is easily one of the toughest jobs at a pageant. We want the best and most qualified judging our pageants. Possible judge candidates could include: pageant contestants (former or current), pageant directors, pageant moms/dads, hairstylists, anyone in fashion industry or pageant industry, anyone in model/talent industry, dance instructors, etc. A diverse judging panel is preferred, with several different backgrounds represented.

If you are interested in judging for an upcoming pageant, please  email me! If chosen, you will be provided with instructional information on judging criteria and all information that would be needed. Also, if you are affiliated with or own any kind of business, your business information could be printed in our program and/or announces at the pageant, if you would like.

We like to treat our judges well, and arrangements or compensation will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks! Message sent.