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At this time - I have retired Violeta Pageantry. Continue to follow the Facebook page for updates!

Pageantry can be an incredibly rewarding hobby for young girls. We aim to teach children lessons they can use for success throughout their lives. Let's face it; you could be the most qualified candidate for a job opportunity, but if you do not know how to show your personality, have self-confidence, and make a great first impression then you will be passed over for jobs. These are qualities that can be taught through pageantry, as well as how to win with grace and lose with dignity. 

Qualities that make Violeta a favorite to many:  

  • super affordable and all-inclusive prices, so you know you're truly competing against everyone

  • no appearance/community service requirements 

  • no required charity support participation (although it is encouraged)

  • laid back yet professional atmosphere

  • organized and time-oriented

  • no one goes home empty-handed - title, crown, sash, and gift for all

Violeta has grown in popularity and has quickly become a favorite local pageant system. We currently offer events in the northwest Ohio area, but with continued support will continue to grow throughout the region.

Come join the Violeta Pageantry family!